Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blue Sunday

Ok, it's official, i've lost ALL my readers of this blog. OKok, i'm sory!! Blame it on the busy schedule that i have. Ok, brief update, i've jus finish my last test! Wooo test is about 3 weeks from now. Hahaha, but who cares?

Dogathon has finally ended!! Hehehe....we are int he Malaysian Book of Records for the largest gathering of dogs, our record? ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN (1111) with registered owner of EIGHT HUNDRED EIGHTY EIGHT (888) and it's on the 8th of August 2010, so i think this is the most 'huat' number ever!! Hehehe....thank you to all those who came with their dogs to support us!!

ANyways, back to the topic, why blue sunday? Blue is my favourite colour btw, but i really hope that it is good news for me. But unfortunately, it's not. I recieved a call during Sunday worship and was quite annoyed at first, I keep cancelling the call and finally, a sms came. It made my heart sunk. God seemed to hav called home my beloved Ginger.

Who's Ginger? Those that reads my facebook shout out would probably heard of the name. Ginger is this adorable horse (not donkey!) that i took care of for some time in the zoo. He has been there for quite some time al'd, but there was someone else taking care of him then and no 'spark' was generated then btwn him and I, so it was not love at first sight. Not only after his caretaker left that i took up the responsiblity to care for him. Gradually i fell in love with this adorable thing.

Everyday I'm in the zoo i'll groom him, sit with him as he eats, bring him on occasional walks, bath him on alternate days and fed him treats. Soon, he start to recognize me and would response when i call his name. And would do that thing with his muzzle when i walk to his stall. Ginger is not a very 'friendly' horse, he only response to ppl that he knows, often avoiding curious hands of unfamiliar customers of the zoo.

Last year, while sunning Ginger after his bath

Btw, he hates people lifting up his leg. Quite unusual in horses as long as you do it properly. I have no problems with the 2 other larger more hostile ponies, but though i'm closest to Ginger than the other two, he often refused to let me clean his hoof. A year ago, my only achievement is to carry up ONE of his forelimbs to clean it. This only happened during the last day of my duty in the zoo..maybe he knew it? Hahaha...but it was not after tremendous struggles including splashing of water and soap all over my uniform. (I usually try during bathing time.) And then i came back after a year, i tried more frequently and finally, he let me clean both his front hoof with lesser struggle. And i noticed, not that he doesnt like his hoof being cleaned, but he has trouble standing on only three legs. (Maybe he's too short? Oh ya, he's a Fallabella, world's amllest horse breed.) And only with much coaxing and assuring that i will support him, he begin to allow it. (But he refused the back leg AT ALL, i think he still needs to trust me more). The last day i worked there, i left with a heavy heart, i gave him his last bath, hugged him and whispered to him while stuffing him with special treats i bought for this farewell.

Last photo with Ginger after his farewell bath

Though i sensed it, i didnt know it was really the last farewell. I was going back to see him within a week's time. But he didnt wait for me. I didnt get a chance to earn his trust to let me clean his back legs too. Maybe God is being good to me so i dun need to see him go in my arms.

Ginger, i hope that you know u hav at least one person left on earth here that misses u though i know people from the zoo would miss you too. Thank u for all the joy you have brought into my life here in the zoo. Hope that you are in a better place now and I'll see you one day in heaven ya! Make sure you let me clean ALL your hooves then! Love u.

Friday, April 16, 2010

High and dry

Hey hey, seems like i've lost all of my fans!! Hahaha....everyone is on facebook al'd, who needs blogging nowadays correct or not? Hahaha...anyways, i do as i wish, i think it's interesting still to write things here.

So, i'm into my fourth paper for my finals, just finished my third paper a few hours was a relief, it was the bacteriology paper...and i slept only bout 3 hours i think, so i'm a bit high now...running on adrenaline, then i went and see this Malaysian Book of Record personnal at Jalan Loke Yew...(story later) and now i'm sitting here at pyramid waiting for someone someone while typing my blog which no one reads anyways!! Hahahah....oh, did i tell you that i'm having church practice somemore later? Hahaha...i'm so goign to die tonite!

Well, as you all know, Dogathon s drawing nearer and nearer...i'm a bit nervous to be totally honest...sigh! So, we were thinking of inviting Malaysian Book of Records to come actually, hoping to attempt to break the largest gathering of dogs...which currently is bout 600 dogs, record held by Dogathon 2008. So, do you think Dogathon 2010 can do it? We might be aiming something so high, that all i can do is to pray we dun fall flat on our faces later!! Will post the final decisions out soon...but till then!! PLEASE PLEASE come and support me!!!! (actually i wan your dogs only....hahahaha!!)

Ok, back to something more serious, unexpectantly, someone from my past called me that day. Let's jus say i didnt hear from this person for about 6 years al''s such a surprise that i didnt know wat to do. put it simply, i tot that i would not take this person's call casual, i tot i will probably feel the thorn pricking inside again. well, guess wat? i felt nothing at all...i mean i felt like i'm talking to a normal fren...and i myself was surprise. I really thank God for it, then i realise God is really really good, becoz last time i've given Him this hurt in my heart and obviously, He has so gently healed my scars that i didnt even notice they were gone. Praise God...

Sometimes, we get hurt so badly, it seems like we can never ever return to normal again. It seems like the world has turn their back on you and everything seems so dark. It's hard to even imagine a day where you will be able to smile again, but guess what? God can see it, though we can't, He doesnt ask us not to cry, but He wipes it away. Jesus has had the world turn their backs on Him, he went into the darkest end of the world, so that we might find the light. I shall not deny it, it's hard, it's never ever going to be easy, but isnt it so much better that you know Jesus is there? He knows each and every one of His sheep, He calls them by name, He knows every tear that flows. Call on the One who knows and the One who understands. We have an Awesome God. : )

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Boredom is not wat it used to be

Well...ya, boredom is not wt it used to be anymore, don't you think? Just take a moment and think of the instances which you would use the word 'boring'. Well? different ppl will tell me different circumstances where they will say the word boring.

Remember when we use to be younger, no astro, no psp, no internet and no computer games? I sit at home half of the day after class with my babysitter and well, i have nth to do and i say "boring" some goes when there is a repeated cartoon series on the tv, i say boring...

But, fast forward to this time and age where i can drive my car anywhere i want (almost anywhere), i can take out my personal laptop and connect to thousands of things to do which i dun have my half a day free time any longer as my classes normally ends at 5pm...but still, i sigh:"boring"...WHY?

The word has been uttered countless times and soon i found that the meaning has change, it doesnt mean i have nothing to do now, but to contrary, it means the opposite...that i have SO SO SO MANY things to now...well, problem is, i just dun wanna do it.

So does grows with us...and i hav a feeling tat THIS current meaning is going to stay wit me for a long long long time....

Monday, April 5, 2010

Is this thing still on?

Hello? Anyone there? Coz i tot Blogging was like the most Outdated thing ever nowadays? Hahaha...(excuse for not writing for so long) well...i've decided to FINALLY brush the virtual dust away from my blog and maybe start writing again.

Since the dawn of FACEBOOK, there has been no need for ppl to actually blog about their day, they just face-book it, or facebooking as my frens would say...

Well, it has been almost 2 years since my last update, i'm ashamed to say so! I was reading back my ''latest'' blog entry and i realized how long ago was tat!! I am currently in my second year in Vet School...(yes, i survived this long) finishing actually, next week is my finals and i'll be a third year student al;'d...ah...time flies! And i was talking bout Dogathon...looks like i didnt keep my promise of uploading the pics! Sorry! Guess wat? I'm the Co-Director for Dogathon my wildest dreams then i would not believe it myself! Nice looking back how i felt then...

Well, i still 'not really' got use to staying in uni, i'm often found at home and seizes every chance to BE at home. Hahahaa...i made it through the terrible biochem, but just to discover there was more nightmares to come...including ruminant production, genetics and now i have more and more....I really thank God for blessing me!!

well, actually i wanted to talk bout some thoughts i had today, i was sitting at a cafe with kh and we were having dinner, out of the corner of my eye, i spotted another table near us where a girl and two guys were seated. Well, normal young ppl having a bite...then there was this girl who was...lets just say wearing shorts that was a wee bit short (cant think of other better description)...and lets just say she was not as thin as ppl would expect someone to wear such short shorts (again, cant find better words), she was walking from her table to the counter to pay her bill and my caught sight that the girl from another table was looking at her....and then she smirked and turned to both the guys and which i assumed whispered to them about the girl, cause soon after that, two of the guys turned to catch a glance at the girl in the shorts. then they heatedly whispered and giggled.

To be really honest, i'm not the person tat is most 'pure' in thoughts. When i first looked at the girl, i was also wondering about the loose fats at her thigh, thus not to say wat, but it was a bit to 'bouncy' not to notice. I mean...some of you might think, "tat's terrible, we shudnt laugh at ppl like tat" or maybe you are supporting the other end that think "goodness! y would she wear something like tat?!" but mostly i think the first thing tat comes into mind is a more criticism and more judgemental thought rite?

it made me realise one thing about the group on the other table, tat i feel tat they are cruel and i feel guilty becoz that's how we were different when you are looking on the outside. Try putting urself in different shoes...the girl at the table, the guys at the table, the girl in the shorts, and me, a girl watching, having a simple meal...yet, watever running through her thoughts arent as she learnt a valuable lesson tat day.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

U wont BELIEVE wat we do! long never write anything al'd. Hehehe...been busy busy busy...hardly anytime for rest since test and test and more tests are coming my way. but so far...i'm doing ok. Classes are very free...(only 12 credit) But dun know why always so busy!

Anyways, this blog is kinda jus take it as a summary of my last few weeks! Enjoy it!

Ya. ya. Dogathon was like 3 weeks ago. was it? It was great. I al'd love it before it even began! Hehehe...i've never been to Dogathon before i was involved in it. So it was kinda cool for me. When the doggies start pouring was darn fun! Hehehe...everywhere u see, u see an extra ordinary dog...and guess wat? Hehehe...even my favourite babies came. Hehehe...Cuddles sure enjoyed himself. Cant stand still..snifing, watching, hearing every single detail. The other baby is of course Pooka la...(wat u thinking huh?) Hehehe...though she is not a dog and she jus sleep in her pouch the whole day. Hehehe...Ken Heng, his sis, sis' bf and Desmond came to support me and they oso waited for me to finish up so tat i can go home wit them. Thank you so so much!! I snapped quite a few photos with dogs and all...but unfortunately, i havent load it up yet...hmm...okok, promise to load it up here asap.

Well, actually i didnt want to talk bout dogathon. But share some of the experience i have becoming a trainee vet. Hehehe...not everything was fun and games u know. And during my first visit to the farm. Something terrible happened and it really make me feel like jumping off the roof. It really really bothered me then but now i've gotten over it, we were having practical for animal agriculture and was required to go to the farm to learn animal restraining. We have been practicing our knots and tying skills throughout the whole week. And my group was assigned to the sheep pen. There was numerous sheep around and my ecturer asked us to choose a sheep and restain it. At first, it was kinda hard and we were quite scared. I was quite daring, jus jump in and tried to restrain the poor fella. (they are quite intelligent) but soon enuf, we were all used to it. Then we are suppose to partner up and tie a sheep to the pole. So me and one of my guy clasmates teamed up. He chose the 'leader' of the pack. Which means, he is bigger and stronger and more aggresive. I asked him why, he said so tat he could feel more "achieved". I have no comments, he held it, i tied it and it was a success. Until the sheep suddenly freak and jerk forward. As it did, u know wat happens...the rope tightens itself on it's neck and it was strangling itself. We sprang into action and i tried to undo the knot. But unfortunately, the thick wool of the sheep untangled it and it was kinda stuck. The sheep was making deep wheezing sounds while i desperately try to undo the rope. My fren asked for something to cut it. But no one came to the rescue. After wat seems to be a lifetime, when the lecturer wanted to arrive, i al'd untied it. The sheep quickly jumped up and ran towards it's pack. Safe and sound. Pheww....tat really leaved a deep mark in my heart. But it was a lesson i will forever remember.

~Eric Cheah, compliance with Eve in sheep strangling operation~

In addition, i went and learn how to restrain a cow by one rope, some techniques and only one person. Thus we went to the goat side and milk them (not a very easy task, but i 'milked' it...hehehe...hav to be gentle u know!! Muahahaha), carry kids and feed them wit milk bottles. They are so adorable. My pic is with someone, i'll get it soon. They are so happy to see you, they call out for u and wage their tails. Jus like dogs...but they do chew on ur pants when you are carrying other kids. Absolutely adorable! The not-so-good thing is tat we have to clean, scoop, wash the fecal and urine. in layman's term, shit and pee.

Chicken coup was quite fun too. But our first task is to "shovel" out the SHIT and URINE. It smelled OKAY before we started, but when we start shovelling, the smell of ammonia welled up from the not-so-dry part underneath the mountain. (Arent i glad i have sinus sometimes...) Then we cleared the drain near to the coup which was i suspect never cleared before. Bcoz GRASS was growin in it. We didnt even notice there was a drain. When we were 'cangkul-ing' the grass out, we found many many countless earth we know why grass flourished in it. But at the same time we were given the chance to vaccinate the chicks. I expect the chicks to be cuter but bcoz they are broilers...(rear for meat...u know...KFC) they grow fast, even at a week old, they dun look VERY cute anymore.

But last few weeks...i've been going down to the farm and doing something...u wont believe wat. I oso dun believe i hav to do it PLANT GRASS. Yes yes...we plant make it sound nicer, we plant pastures. Last few weeks i spent looking at grass...i cant even differentiate them let alone remember their scientific name . They all look the same....hahaha!! We hav to stand under the scorching sun and basically LOOK at them while my lecturer blabbers on and on and on...( i honestly thinks tat he LOVES grass). And yes, we cut the grass from outside the compound, (nearly falling into the river), cut the leaf part for the cattles, and replant the root part in the pasture. Next week come back again, fertilize them, take samples, calculate it's ratio etc etc...yes, tat is wat we do. All these WITHOUT GLOVES. They never warn us till it was too late. Our hands are literally COVERED in tiny almost invisible thorns. U know those u get bcoz of lalang. No joke, it HURTS! And nearly impossible to take out. Phew!! One more week of grass month. ALL THE BEST!

But of course...not tat bad la...we get to ride on trucks and best of Rambutans and Starfruits! Hehehehe....y? Becoz it's a ladang my lecturer said now u know why our overalls hav so many pockets...good for loading rambutans! Hehehe...we do pluck the ripe rambutan and starfruit. So,e even climb the for me...i shake the branches and my frenc catches the falling star-fruits. Hehehe...yummy. I hav one in my fridge now. Muahahaha....


Monday, July 14, 2008

Waking Up...

Hey ya...I've just started my new semester for 1 week...and it's like waking up from a deep. comfortable sleep. U dun wan to...yet u r pulled by the gravity of things not done. Cant say tat it was terrible and horrible. (Though somehow close to tat) I had some enjoyable times oso...but u cant imagine there is so MANY things to do in a simple week...

Well, in the first class-introductory to the veterinary profession...i'm bombarded with so many facts bout being vet, i'm starting to doubt myself. Seeing and hearing frightful stories from seniors...and now i know why ppl drop off from this course even if they are all the way in the fourth year. It seems like things start to tumble themselves upon me and i'm suffocating beneath the rubbles. I've got the dogathon thing going charge of the fun fair games and i have tonnes of materials i havent even begin to decorate...and the thing is on 10th august...less than a week. And during that time i might be nearing my first test al'd...which means i need to study on top of all the hectic. of my suckiest subject...first lab, the lecturer threw us two lab papers...mumble somthign and ask us to present the paper by the end of the class and walked out...i cant even rememebr all the formula...and chem students...i dun know bout u...but i hate calculating molar and moles and concentrations etc etc. And i'm taking animal agriculture...a lecturer who's teaching method is...if u dun write as fast as i speak, then too bad for u. Do ur own research. SWEAT. Not to mention seniors plundering on us, organizing a course nite which juniors hav to perform...a bunch of junior tat hardly knew each other need to work together in one week to come out with an incredicle performance among our busy schedule. GREAT. Not to mention tat we are asked to do stupid task by seniors...ragging they call it. I'm so tempted to jus ignore them...i hav to find the testicle size of 10, dog, sheep, cattle, tiger, lion, bird, camel, cheetah and another watever it is. And i hav to sing a tamil song on the course nite...ya, i'm taking bahasa tamil. time al'd...gotta get back to uni. See you next time...if i survive tat is.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Good News Bad News

Ello...hehehe...i know wat u r thinking, "Wah...this girl a...holidays for so long never update blog oso...ish ish...but exam time darn semangat pulak!"'s a mystery i myself cant solve. I realize i didnt update my blog since i went elaine & teoh's house to help out wit the door gifts for their wedding...and now...i'm a few more days away from going back to my campus...(T_T) sob sob...and teoh and elaine has al'd been married! wat i told my fren when she asked how was my holidays..."Kinda like money...never enuf."

Okok, back to main topic. Good news and bad news...i'm sure a lot of u hav come across this...there's always a good thing and bad thing. And we always need to choose whether to hear the good or the bad one first. I'm a "sien fu hau tim" kinda person (translation: first bitter then sweet) so normally i would choose the bad news first but life, as we all know is full of twist and turns...and God decided to give me the reverse today.


Well, today i was invited by a 'certain' guy to hav dinner. (okok...u ALL know who tat is) I havent been giving him enuf compliments for all the things he has done for me...therefore this blog is dedicated to him. I have been too shy to write about him in my blogs but tonite, i feel like showing him off...hahaha! (If u r reading this, dun feel TOO proud ok? but i do hope u enjoy lil gesture of thanks)

He asked my out yesterday...and if u think i was thrill and giggling like a school girl...u r so wrong. I didnt think of it as anything special as we go out for dinner all the time after it was normal. He was working till bout 5pm...and i was lazing as home. I didnt even think to dress up...until he sms me to ask me to. So, ok, i tot: "I'm going back to my (no life) uni life soon and i wont be seeing him much...and i knew he wanted to celebrate my last semester results..." (all As...yea!) therefore i promise i will look good for the dinner later...that's when i fell was bout 3pm and wanted to wake up at bout 4.30pm to hav a QUICK dress up b4 driving to pyramid.

Ti...ti...ti...TI!! My alarm rang and sadly i'm a fan of the snooze button. And the second time i was conscious it was al'd near 5pm! I sprang out from bed, had a quick bath and chose my dress...but every girl knows tat is the hardest part...luckily u sms and said u will by working half an hour later. The dress i had in thought doesnt look the same the last time i put it on...let's jus say i'm feeling like spongebob while i wanna look like a bit more like squidward. i was late and feeling, i read the bible. Strangely it was on the passage of not being worried bout things...and the last words were "dun be anxious bout anything, but pray for everything." So i dropped all worries, quickly gather myself and walk out the door, confidently."

To cut the story short, we met up at TGIF's. Where i tot is the place tat he wanted to bring me...but it wasnt. Together, we chose to go Itallianics. And i'm 100% sure we didnt make the wrong choice. We were one of the first ones there....and was led to a window seat over looking the city lights. It was our first time there and didnt know tat the portions are HUGE! Luckily the waiter advice us from getting two main course. And it turned out great! The service was fantastic...(except for the guy who asked whether we want to refill our drink...and forgot to bring back the can). Anyways, for appetizer we ordered Calamari Caesar Salad...delicious treat! Main course to be Seafood Cillioni (Mussels, Clams, Squid, BIG prawns with green pepper, tomato sauce on fetuccine) mouth is watering now. Drinks we decided to spice things up wit a cup of house wine (and coke light to water us from chatting). And finally, dessert Cappucino Pie...(vanilla and chocolate ice cream, powdered with a crust of coffee power and crushed oreo cookie base with a hint of dark and white chocolate sauce.)...heavenly! Well, all in all, we had a great time, he was always the gentleman he was...eating all the things i dun and let me force him to eat things he dun like...(like vege and olives), letting me sit where i can get the best view, switching places with me when it was cold on my side, offered to dish me the food and immediately ordered warm water for me when i started to cough...not to mention giving me a few very nice compliments about my dressing...(suddenly Spongebob become beyond Squidward...!) We took pics...and i'm here to share it with u. To Eve, she HIGHLY recommend Itallianics. Oh ya, he met one of his frens from college doing practical there. Thank you very much for dinner...u r all and more than i could i ask for. *hugs*

~Calamari Caesar Salad~

~Seafood Cillioni~
~Smile! Salad's good for ya'...Two "So lou" agree~


~Do i really HAV to eat ALL the olives and red peppers?~


I was happy and was kinda floatin in cloud 9...but it all ended when i reach home and back to my room. As usual, i would call out to Pooka! Hehehe...and i know she was in her pouch which was in her cage and i can see her peeking out to look at me. She was sleeping and i missed her so much i carried her check her ears oso. And there it was, my 'bad news'. Her ears had a slight peeling of skin for the pass few days and i hav been treatin it wit care...applying baby oil and antiseptic...but today, i saw tat the tip came off from her ears..meaning tat she has chipped ears. And it looks like the whole dry part is coming out soon. She was loosing a small portion of her ears. My heart sank and all the warm feeling left me. But except tat, she was her normal self...all healthy. I checked fur, gliding membrane, eyes, wet nose, all four gripping claws and even he teeth and gums. ONLY the ears...naturally, i start to blame myself...maybe i wasnt feeding her right...or it was that day i bath her and didnt wash out the shampoo enuf...maybe she was lonely and depressed...i didnt spend enuf time with her...or maybe her pouch and cage is not clean enuf...or she was bitten by the ants...i was going bonkers.

And was desperate. I consulted help from two of my glider expert frens...but they didnt reply me. So sad. And i cant find anythin on9...i felt so helpless, i called him. The moment he said hello, he knew something was wrong and my tears rolled. Luckily i had him for comfort. We prayed and we decided to bring her to Pet Shack tomolo during his lunch hour...hopefully things will turn out rite....suddenly the words from the bible came and i knew now wat those words meant. Not only is it for my dress...but it was for my Pooka...for those of u who share my concern for Pooka, there is two things u can help me do, 1st kindly inform me any info u got on this subject or 2ndly help pray for her. Thank u...btw, she is now curled up in my sweater sleeping after exploring it. My adored baby...SIGH!!

~My dear Pooka~